Taekwondo At Home

Hello Parents. We are offering an in home beginner taekwondo program to accommodate social distancing guidelines. This program is an amazing tool, listed below are some of the benefits that can be gained by the student. Weather that student is an adult or the six year old.

   We are only accepting registrations from families were there is a least one parent involved.
Why you might ask does the parent need to participate? Maximize the learning and growth potential adult participation is crucial. We find when families do taekwondo together the family connection becomes stronger.

What will this course do for yourself and your child:
-bring some structure to your family life
-provide an energy outlet
-develop usable skill sets while having fun
-built in fitness program
-built in stretching and flexibility
-learn self-defense skills (school yard self-defense)
-16 class beginner taekwondo course, we will take your child from Zero to Hero
-10 dollars per household per class unlimited (this program is designed to be in groups of twos)

Taekwondo at Home


We are pleased to offer this 16 week Beginner Taekwondo course. We will be offering this program 12 levels to Black Belt If you or your family reaches this level you will be certified WTF Blackbelt

Having kids at home 24/7 can be a challenge. Keeping their focus, having structure in their lives and getting physical activity or exercise can sometimes be hard to coordinate. We might even slide into a rut where there is just to much video time happening. This is a program that might work for you as a parent. I invite you to give me a phone call and I could explain how the process will work as well answer any questions you might have. Call now Master Adam Forest 1-780-995-5632

Costs of course

This is great value, it is $10 per household with unlimited number of students.
This program is designed to be done in groups of 2. 

After the first 16 classes you and you family should be ready for a promotion test.
Option 1 is stop the taekwondo program
Option 2 decide as a family if this is something your family will commit to?
Take the promotion test and start the journey to Black Belt.

 Promotion testing:
a student will receive a certificate of achievement
a belt
a board to break (part of the test)
a report card
This will be $30 per student that wants do the testing.


Teaching  life long learning is such a valuable asset for our children's development

You will see a marked difference in your progress and your child's. 

   Confidence,  coordination will start to improve, this only the start of the changes you and your family will experience.

Benefits of taking Taekwondo at home

Wow, this is a crazy time right now. There is a chance to be adding structure/fitness back into your life and your  kid's lives while learning valuable skills.

    • flexibility
    • Fitness
    • focus
    • coordination
    • Structure

Hi, I am a Mom.
I live in San Diego, California. I have three rambunctious kids at home right now because the schools are shut down. Covid has been affecting us all a lot. I have been striving to keep them busy while trying to also have them be productive and not just play video games. 
Then I was introduced to Taekwondo at Home by a friend. I was excited for the opportunity for my children, especially to get them busy doing something else. By having three children though, I needed to participate because pairs are required. I am very happy that I decided to take the course too as I learned a lot of new things. Flexibility and fitness were my main take away for me and my children because we haven't been getting any exercise lately. There was also a few concepts that will help with everyday life such as focus and perseverance. For me, these will help with being able to finish tasks around the house I start, and set higher goals in life for me and my family. Lastly, the self defense skills help put me at ease for my self and knowing that my kids are more bully-proof at school.
I think this was a very cost effective way of finding out if taekwondo is a good fit for our family. After Covid we intend on staying with this program.
I highly recommend doing this course because of the many take aways and it was a lot of fun! Sherri

We are here to help take your family to the next level all questions and concerns can be answered

Make use of this shut in time we have an amazing program that will help your kids out of the video rut

What great way to move forward in such a dark time give your kids the gift of confidence